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Amazing Screaming Spiders? Big Spiders!
Camel Spider Picture

The Legendary Camel Spider

November 18, 2015 - The Camel Spider stories are legendary... Many of the stories on the internet are completely true and have been substantiated. . These creatures are (usually) not dangerous to humans. But, dangerous or not, these creatures are horrifying to encounter. I pity anyone who encounters one for the first time.
Said to eat the belly of the Camel while they run. The Camel never knows they are there. The numbing effect of their venom allowing them to feast on their unsuspecting victom.

Camel spiders can move at speeds over 30 MPH, screaming while they run.
Camel spiders can be as large as a frisbee.
Camel spiders can jump five feet high.
They eat or gnaw on people while they sleep. Due to the numbing effect of their venom, the victim is unaware until they awake.

Camel Spider Crawling

Beauty and the Beast!

Hello, I really hate to be the only one not perpetuating all the hype about Camel Spiders…but as you can see from my pictures they are really not that bad. They are like any other creature and can be very tame. I had this one for about six months while I was in Afghanistan.

Father Story of Spiders

A Father Remembers From A Lifetime Ago

As a little girl, I was fascinated by the following story as told by my father, Ben Mitton. He was an aircraft mechanic in the South African Air Force...

Camel Spider on Classroom Floor

Camel Spiders in the U.S.

This Camel Spider was found in a classroom in Las Vegas, NV
I was cleaning up a classroom in Las Vegas when I spotted this guy. I thought she was following me from Iraq; I had no idea they lived in the Southwest. Anyway, I decided to take a picture with my it is

Camel Spider Bite on Soldiers Arm

Soldier Bitten While Sleeping...and Yes! Pictures!

According to the soldiers relatives; the bite must have happened while he was sleeping. He wasn't even aware that he had been bitten. He woke up to a large lump on his arm. Then while out on maneuvers, the cyst-like area ruptured open. He was then sent on to the MASH Unit in Kuwait. They dug everything out (puss & ??) then packed it with gauze, put him on a strong round of antibiotics with instructions to re-pack the site several times a day. The area was too large for them to stitch shut. They claimed that it would cause an air pocket under the skin. So it had to be allowed to heal from the inside - out! It seems to have healed pretty well, leaving a small scar about the size of a penny. Read about this Camel Spider bite and many others.

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Campfire Story Time

Complete Collection of Camel Spider Stories from Around the World!

First hand harrowing accounts of close encounters with this hairy beast.


Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures of Camel Spiders!

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Camel Spider Encounters

People from around the world have sent us photos and stories on terrifying encounters with these horrible creatures.