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Amazing Screaming Spiders? Big Spiders!

USAF stationed at Ali Air Base

I heard him scream....

Iraq I am currently in the USAF stationed at Ali Air Base, Iraq. So far I have seen eight camel spiders and one in particular made me realize how nasty these things are. It was the middle of a VERY hot day and I was working out near the flightline. I saw something moving on the concrete out of the corner of my eye and did a double take when I saw what it was. Anyways, I chased behind it for a little bit but I wouldn’t get too close because of the stories I had heard. This was also the first one I had seen so I didn't want to test any of those rumors out! Well it ended up crawling into a large crack in the concrete. I left it to go get my buddy but it was gone by the time we came back. So later that afternoon during lunch, my friend was sitting in a truck with the door open and his feet hanging out. I heard him scream and then do a crazy seizure-like dance at the same time. A big camel spider ( looked like the one I had seen earlier ) fell from his shirt and tried climbing him again. This time he stomped on it pretty good. Good enough for guts to go shooting out and it's movement to cease. Now this is the weird part…. That thing was dead as a door nail. We took pictures of it and let it sit on the tailgate of the truck in 120+ degree weather for over an hour. I decided to go play with it some more so I stuck my knife blade in between its mouth pincers to pry them apart. That thing bit down on my knife blade and did not let go. I was able to pick it up, smashed to hell, and it wouldn’t let go. I don’t know if it was nerves or whatever but it sure made me believe in some of the rumors I have heard about their nastiness! I was sure it was dead! I have since seen seven more and I make sure I smash them until they are a smudge because I really don’t want to wake up at night with one on me!

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