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It was moving... with the two "forearms" raised in the air


Camel Spiders, or as we called them, sun spiders I grew up in the then Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and we had them there as well. The hotter the climate the bigger. The first time I saw one was when we lived in Wankie (now Hwange) which regularly was 40 degrees c plus in the summer, and I was lying on my bed reading when I heard a noise like a buzzing clockwork toy, and on looking over the side saw this thing as big as a dinner plate, moving slowly over the floor, from side to side, with the two "forearms" raised in the air.
They used to hide in the shadows just outside of a lit area and pounce on whatever came and sat in the lit area. If you happened to come round the corner they jumped away with a most frightening rattling noise. They did indeed run after a person, I am told to get underneath the person or their shadow. One evening was walking next to a concrete stormwater drain when I noticed a rat chasing my shadow. I threw a stone at it and hit it with a lucky shot, but when I jumped down into the ditch to look at the "rat" it was actually one of them, the biggest I ever saw. I picked it up, presuming it to be dead, and took it home. It laid along the length of my hand, with the legs dangling over the sides. At home I put it on the dining room table to look at it and the son of a ***** came alive! And was it angry! What if it had woken up while it was lying in my hand? It took about half a can of spray to kill it, and before it croaked it went into a sort of fit and the jaws separated, one set upwards and the other down. Killing it was a shame really but how else to get it out of the house?. These have to be the most repulsive spiders I ever have seen, and fearless too. They will take on a big scorpion, no problem, I saw it many times, and kill small mice with ease. Aaaaaargh! They have hairs on them which carry an irritant to human skin. One walked across my brother and I as we were sprawled on the floor, and we both had lines of blisters across us afterwards. Keep away! Regards, Mike T., Johannesburg (where thankfully one only gets smaller cousins of this thing), South Africa

The Camel Spider. One Camel Spider was described as, "having beady eyes, a hairy body, and jaws that bulged like Popeye's forearms, it was something from a nightmare!

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