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Camel Spider Bite

As if being a soldier isn't hard enough already

Camel Spider Bite

According to the soldiers relatives; the bite must have happened while he was sleeping. He wasn't even aware that he had been bitten. He woke up to a large lump on his arm. Then while out on maneuvers, the cyst-like area ruptured open. He was then sent on to the MASH Unit in Kuwait. They dug everything out (puss & ??) then packed it with gauze, put him on a strong round of antibiotics with instructions to re-pack the site several times a day. The area was too large for them to stitch shut. They claimed that it would cause an air pocket under the skin. So it had to be allowed to heal from the inside - out! It seems to have healed pretty well, leaving a small scar about the size of a penny.

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Close Up Camel Spider Bite

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