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Las Vegas Classroom

Yes in the United States!

I was cleaning up a classroom in Las Vegas when I spotted this guy. I thought she was following me from Iraq; I had no idea they lived in the Southwest. Anyway, I decided to take a picture with my it is...feel free to post it in your picture section. Sorry about the quality. Thank you Stephan

Camel Spider in Las Vegas Classroom


Also, another Vegas encounter...
I know you guys have a lot of stories from Iraq and Deserts over seas but I live right in the heart of Las Vegas (only for five years, I thought it was a valley but we are surrounded but desert). and these things kept getting into my house and garage. So big that they don't crawl on walls or anything like normal spiders (yet, I guess they're not really spiders). So I'm posting a picture to show how big these things are even in huge cities. Everytime I see one I know to call the bug guy because IMMEDIATELY after the spray wears off I'm killing these things sometimes TWICE a day! I haven't had an aggressive one yet but they seem to be very smart and I have a hard time killing them, but thats also given the fact that I wouldn't want to be within 50 ft of one. The pic I have is IDENTICAL to the ones shown in Iraq that are the size of donut tires!

Camel Spider Phone Size

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