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Camel Spider Pet

She was quite beautiful and sweet

Camel Spider Buttercup

Hello, I really hate to be the only one not perpetuating all the hype about Camel Spiders…but as you can see from my pictures they are really not that bad. They are like any other creature and can be very tame. I had this one for about six months while I was in Afghanistan. She was quite beautiful and sweet. They are not poisonous…but their bite does hurt very badly and tends to get infected due to lack of hygiene in the areas they are usually encountered. I was never bitten, but it did take a while to calm her down enough to be able to hold her. When I let her go she did follow me for a little while until I put her under some shade. I never saw her jump or run in six months. She did fight quite aggressively against anything put in her enclosure…but other than that she was the sweetest thing. She would let me pet her and hold her for hours. I am not saying there are not some vicious ones out there…but most of what you hear about them is urban legion and also based on a surprise encounter for both parties. I loved my camel spider even though most thought I was crazy…but I miss her and wish I could have brought her home with me. Nicole

Buttercup the SpiderCamel Spider Crawling on Person

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