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a little girl, I was fascinated

A Fathers Story

As a little girl, I was fascinated by the following story as told by my father, Ben Mitton. He was an aircraft mechanic in the South African Air Force, and during WW2 he was stationed at an RAF base near Addis Ababa ( I used to love saying that word!) The heat was unbearable, and shade almost no existant on the barren airfield. The ground was as hot as a stove top!
He told me huge spiders, almost the size of soup plates, would run full speed towards one, and if you were brave enough to stand still it would stop in your shadow until the ground cooled. You could then move away without it following you, but only until the ground heated up again, then the spider would be off again looking for it's next shady spot!
Apparently the old hands had great amusement with each batch of new arrivals who didnt know about these spiders!
I suspect the spiders must have been camel spiders.

Obviously this story has probably been a bit romantized in the mind of a little girl, and could of course have been embroidered upon by my father to make it more interesting, but reading other stories on your website, there might just be a smidgen of truth to it! Regards Linda (Mitton) P. Port Alfred, South Africa

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