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Adult Hand Size

I suddenly saw something the size of an adult hand moving slowly on the floor

Since I was a child there are certain insects etc. that I just can't handle seeing inside the house. Outside is another story. I may not like them but it's not like being in the same room with them. In three years in the paratroops in Israel and further years of reserve service I don't recall coming across any "Ankaboot" or camel spiders (plenty of scorpions, murderous mosquitoes etc.) but in retrospect I realize that I first encountered one while working in a kibbutz in 1979. I was impressed by its size but nothing else, since it was slowly walking along minding its own business, even when I came quite near to it.
Years later in 1987 I had just returned from a couple of years in Europe and was in my apartment in Kyriat Shemona at the foot of the ridge at the west side of the great Syrian African rift valley. It was a summer evening, I walked out of the shower wrapped in a towel, the room was in darkness, I suddenly saw something the size of an adult hand moving slowly on the floor in the center of the room. I froze. Then I switched on the light and beheld what to me looked like something out of a horror movie, my heart was thudding and I was overcome by waves of fear and revulsion - I couldn't believe just how vile this thing was - straight out of a nightmare and there I was alone with it. It went on walking in a quite unconcerned way but I could't stand it. summoning up all my courage I used a broom like a golf club to swat it out through the balcony door. once it was out the door I could breathe slightly easier but then I made another mistake. In order to get a closer look I looked at it through my binoculars - God! all I could see were hairy appendages waving and undulating and again i started to shake with horror. I had to get rid of the damn thing or I would have no peace being in the house. Having run out of ideas and courage and since I couldn't swat it from the corner it was in I resorted to fly killer spray.
To me it seemed unlikely that it would help to deal with such a monster but to my surprise, when I sprayed it it instantly scrunched up, contracted and expired seemingly becoming half its size.
The camel spider is called Ankaboot in Arabic and Artzav in Hebrew.

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