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Fauna consists largely of feral cats and flies

UAE Wow! Reading these accounts of camel spider encounters brings my brief brush with them back with amazing clarity. At the time, I was working in an underground bunker in UAE providing engineering support for the air force. If you have not been to the UAE, let me tell you that the fauna consists largely of feral cats and flies. Running into any other living creature in the desert is shock enough let alone coming face to face with one of these huge, hairy monsters. It was a Wednesday which meant that my buddy and I went to lunch at one the ubiquitous Indian 1 room restaurants ( as if it wasn’t hot enough already J ). We came back feeling hot and full. It was just another Wednesday in Abu Dhabi. The coolness of bunker was very welcome. The bunker was a labyrinth of tunnel-like corridors leading to various rooms. We proceeded down a long dark corridor (maybe 35 meters) to get to our computer lab. As we neared the end of the corridor something large rounded the corner in front of us. We froze … WHAT is that?? Then in unison, one step back … Hey, that thing is comin’ at us! Another step back … Hey, that thing is really moving!!! Next, full fledged retreat - two grown men running down a corridor, hands in the air, screaming like little girls. We didn’t stop till we were back in the sun, huffing and puffing more from fear than anything else. Thank God that an Arab soldier didn’t see us because we would have never lived it down. We made a silent pact out of embarrassment not to recant this tail but I just couldn’t resist after reading the other stories. For some time after that we had no idea what the beast was that attacked us. We spent a lot of time check and double check under our desks. We later found this guy nearly dead under some cardboard boxes in the back corridor. With no small amount of courage, we scooped him up on a piece of A4 paper and examined him in grisly detail; ever so cautious, just in case he was “faking” it. As it turned out, he really was almost dead (he probably saw himself in a mirror). His body and legs covered that whole sheet of paper. That was, without a doubt, the most hideous creature I have ever seen close up. At first I thought it was a spider but this beast has 10 legs. That is what prompted me to look on the web and eventually to this site. Anyway, I just thought others might enjoy this tail. Cheers!

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